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Legal Documents

documentsDivorce and child custody cases can be complicated. Did you know that you don't always need the expense of a lawyer?


documentsLearning online is convenient and fun. Attend a live webinar from the comfort of your home or office, while getting the interaction and information you need!

Live Events

documentsThere are times when listening and interacting live is priceless. For this reason, offers live events in the Utah area.
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Child Custody

Find information and documentation on child custody related issues.

Child support

How much child support should you be collecting? How much will you need to pay.


Marital / Real property

There’s no need to guess about what property will be yours after a divorce. Learn about your rights to your property.


Why alimony? How is it determined? How Long must it be paid? Find out the answers to your questions.

Divorce Know How

When couples get married, the furthest thing from their minds is divorce. Unfortunately, divorce sometimes becomes necessary and facing a divorce is not easy. DivorceKnowHow specializes in Utah divorce law and is designed to help you through this difficult time.

Utah Divorce Process

One of the first questions that usually comes to mind when someone contemplates divorce is how to even begin the divorce process. DivorceKnowHow clearly outlines the Utah divorce process, teaches you the legal terms you may encounter, and aids you in learning the ins and outs of how to get a divorce in Utah.

How to get a divorce in Utah

DivorceKnowHow offers a free webinar outlining the divorce process in Utah. It can be used to help guide you through the process of filing your complaint all the way to filing your Divorce Decree. Will your case end up in trial? Many people are surprised to learn the divorce process in Utah is geared toward avoiding a contentious trial. You have several opportunities to decide what is best for you, your ex-spouse-to-be, and your children during the divorce process. If you aren’t sure how to get a divorce in Utah, or if you simply need to figure out where to begin, DivorceKnowHow is there to help.

Knowledge is Key

Knowledge is power. You can make your future brighter and avoid unnecessary conflict in the present by becoming knowledgeable about the Utah divorce process. You may want to work with an attorney or you may decide to move forward on your own. DivorceKnowHow can provided assistance in either case. The divorce process in Utah can be intimidating and confusing if you aren’t sure what to do and when to do it. DivorceKnowHow spells out the Utah divorce process and can teach you how to get a divorce in Utah with or without the aid of an attorney.